i-am-a-camera-timI am a camera collecting images

a magpie laughing warning
ha ha ha Ha Ha
glinting black pure white
hopping sideways
confident intelligent
sharing my Mancunian lawn

a swan in flight compass-straight
crossing the bottle-necked highway
slow wings conducting its own fugue
towards the evening sun
unaware of fuming M60 motorists

two grim-reapers sitting in a polished hearse
suits black collars stiff hair grey
hiding their planned arrival
i-am-a-camera-collecting-images-harry-fixedfrom the grieving souls
they ignore double-yellow lines
timing death to the suburban second

my parents in old age
sitting side-by-side
leafing through the years
pointing turning smiling
fondly sharing
landscapes of their urbane lives

I am a camera collecting images

By Naomi Matthews
This poem received a Sponsor’s Award in the Poems Please Me Prize 2014

Illustrated by Tim Shelbourne (top) and Harry Ibach (lower)