I took down the mirrors last winter
to keep you out of sight

turned down the light
to keep shadows on best behaviour

hid the sun in a low place
and waited for inky days to avoid you

but the clouded eye
high in the marbled mall

was always green winking vigilant.
There were glimpses in High Street windows

among the deceit of wonky mannequins
when you were caught in a speed trap flash

and the shadows in the rear view mirror
kept up their zealous stalking.

The chrome kettle and silver spoons
have colluded in the same refracted smirk

and your framed stare is reflected back
after the jittery flickering of late night news

like a black and ragged bird
still seeking something shiny.

Illustration by Judi BaileyPoet: Tina Cole

Illustrated by Judi Bailey

This poem was Commended in The Poems Please Me Prize 2015


Tina lives in rural Herefordshire. Her poems are mostly about people, relationships and how they manage in times of crisis. Tina is a member of Border Poets and has enjoyed reading her work and poems from their new collection, ‘The Nettle Trick’ at a number of local poetry festivals and events. Her first full collection was due to be published in 2015.

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