For the Record

He said she looked too innocent.
He could not capture his perfect shot.
I noticed only how she shivered.

From my bag of tricks I took Kohl
to outline her eyes. Did you see the photo
in the 1957 National Portrait Exhibition?

Those were the days when everyone
wanted a piece of her and some would say
I carved her up. No.

I was her trusted aide and conjured auburn curls
from next to nothing. Everywhere she went
my blend of sandalwood and jasmine lingered.

When I couldn’t contain the signs of age
and her wealth had been snatched by bailiffs,
we shared my small flat in Greenwich.

I earned a modest living
holding an occasional séance.
She did not want for wine or cigarettes.

The day she failed to appear at breakfast
I found her in bed, bare-faced and wigless.
I worked my magic.

I shut her eyes, applied the make-up
and crowned her
with a mass of tight tonged curls.

The papers got it wrong.

I’ll grant she died without a penny,
but since that freezing day
she’d been loved.

For The Record 2Poet: Sandra Burnett

Illustrated by Claudia Pendlay

This poem was placed third in the Poems Please Me Prize 2015

Sandra Burnett lives in Otley, Yorkshire. She is a member of Otley Poets. Her first pamphlet, published by Otley Word Feast Press, is due out early in 2016.


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