Poems Please MeEach of us is unique in the knowledge, experience and interests we bring to writing – or reading – poetry. That means no one course or set of courses can teach – as opposed to stimulating – ‘creative writing’ or ‘writing poetry’. And there are already plenty of books on the subject.

So, what we aim to do is first, to offer Post a Poem (a ‘forum’ – new in May 2014) on Poems Please Me where you can show your poetry, invite comments, or ask questions.

Second, see the top section of our Write Stuff page for an indication of services for Members, e.g. sharing poems/documents and comments via Google Drive.

Third, if you’d like longer-term, personal mentoring, please do view Poet’s Friend – our postal and online advisory service. Where you start depends how far you are along the road and where you wish to get to. If we can help via Poems Please Me, we will. View Poet’s Friend application form and details. Tony French, Editor

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